How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

When you find yourself locked out of your home, car or safe, it’s important to find a locksmith who can provide fast assistance. Unfortunately, not all locksmiths are created equal and it could prove costly in the end to pay more than necessary.

When it comes to locksmith prices, there are a lot of variables that come into play – from when they arrive to the work they do. We’ve put together this price guide so you can decide whether a locksmith’s services are worth their hefty price tag, or you can click to find out more.

Rekeying or Replacing Your Locks

Rekeying or changing your locks is a vital part of maintaining the security of your home. This involves replacing pins and tumblers inside a lock with new ones that work with another key, or you could replace the entire assembly altogether.

Rekeying a lock requires several factors, including service fees and the complexity of the work required. Some locksmiths charge an hourly rate while others offer flat-fee pricing. Furthermore, costs for rekeying can also differ based on how many doors need to be changed, where the locksmith is located, and when it is done.

Rekeying typically costs less than replacing your locks, since only a few parts need replacing. This makes rekeying an attractive option for homeowners who want to update their security but don’t have the funds for an entirely new set.

Replacing a lock can be more expensive, particularly if your existing ones need major repair. Depending on the size of your home and number of doors you have, this project could prove expensive.

Rekeying a lock cylinder at your residence involves having a locksmith come out and extract the tumblers and pins inside, then reposition them for use with a new key. After this is done, they’ll make sure to cut you an appropriate key that works with the new lock.

Rekeying is a good solution for homes where the lock is in satisfactory working condition and there are no other security concerns with it. It also serves business owners who need to protect their properties from former employees or other people with access to the building.

It is essential to remember that rekeying may not provide the highest level of security, so you may need to upgrade to a more sophisticated locking system. A professional can advise you on which type of lock is most secure for your requirements and budget.

Rekeying a safe or other electronic lock can vary in cost depending on its type and size, as well as whether drilling into the lock is required. Generally, prices range between $150-$250 for this service. To get accurate pricing, it’s wise to get quotes from multiple professionals in your area before settling on one.

Duplicating Keys

If you require a duplicate key made, locksmiths offer this service. Prices vary depending on the type of key and what lock it goes into.

Standard house keys cost between $1 and $10, while transponder keys (programmed into your home’s security system) range in cost from $75 to $400. It also depends if you want the locksmith to open a safe or not, as well as what type of job it is.

Duplicating a key requires placing the original in an instrument that includes both a blank key on top and an alignment bar. A machine cuts this blank key with precision, creating an exact copy that looks and functions exactly like its original. Once cut, it’s then sanded to achieve an identical smooth finish.

One of the primary advantages to having duplicate keys is that they act as a backup in case you misplace your original. Replacing an original key can be tedious and time-consuming, so having an extra set can come in handy during times such as traveling or being away from home for an extended period. Having an extra key can also prove useful during times when your primary one has been stolen or broken.

Another advantage to having a spare key is that it can help avoid being locked out in the first place. A broken key may be difficult to replace and even make it more challenging for a locksmith to open the lock.

For the best results, have a professional locksmith duplicate your keys instead of using a key kiosk. While these self-service machines may seem like an efficient and budget friendly alternative, they may not always provide as reliable a service as professional services can.

Professionals can select the ideal blank for the job, which a kiosk cannot do. Furthermore, they guarantee that your duplicate key will fit securely into your lock and won’t open without your old key.

Locksmiths can also duplicate keys with “do not duplicate” labels, which are placed by key and lock manufacturers to discourage illegal duplication. Although these labels may deter you from trying to get your key copied illegally, it remains legal if done with proper authorization.

Lockout Service

Being locked out of your home, car or safe can be both frustrating and expensive. Fortunately, locksmiths are available to help get you back in possessions; the cost of hiring one depends on what services you require.

Locksmiths can rekey or replace your locks, create duplicate keys, unlock cars and open safes for you at an additional fee. Furthermore, they’re able to install new deadbolts, locks and other security devices at a discounted rate.

Rekeying your locks typically costs $50, while replacing them may set you back up to $400. The cost depends on where you live, whether the locksmith needs to come during business hours and how far away they must travel for the job.

Rekeying your locks involves shifting the pins inside so they cannot be opened with an existing key. This process usually costs between $40-$100, though you may need to pay more if your locks are hardened or complex.

Duplicating standard house keys costs between $1 and $10, but if you require a special key for an unusual lock, the cost can be higher. For instance, if your vehicle has transponder keys in it, duplicating another set could run anywhere from $75 to $400.

It’s essential to remember that locksmith services are emergency, and thus cannot be charged outside regular working hours. However, you may still have to pay a trip fee if the locksmith needs to travel to your home or car; these charges depend on when and how far they must travel.

When searching for a quality locksmith, look for someone who is licensed and insured, has excellent online reviews, and comes highly recommended by roadside assistance or insurance companies. Call them and explain your situation thoroughly so they can give an accurate quote to compare. Additionally, ensure they possess a valid license in your area.

Car Key Replacement

Many people are surprised at how expensive replacing a car key can be. This is because modern car keys require more materials to create than their vintage counterparts.

Thankfully, there are ways to save on the cost of a new key for your vehicle. First, create a backup key and store it safely away. Alternatively, call an auto locksmith or roadside assistance to create one for you.

Another way to save money is by shopping around for new key blanks. Doing this can add up over time, especially if you need multiple copies of the same key.

Professional locksmiths typically carry a wide selection of key blanks and can order the ones you require. Plus, many can copy older, less popular key types as well, so there’s sure to be a blank that works on your vehicle.

If you’re looking to cut your own car key, investing in a key kit from your local hardware store is recommended. Not only will this save you money on car key replacement fees, but it may also protect the locks on your vehicle from being damaged.

You can save on car key replacement expenses by taking advantage of pay-per-mile vehicle insurance services. Typically, these are offered by insurers as an add-on to your existing policy and you may pay a few cents per mile driven.

According to Metromile’s most recent survey of customers, those who switch from traditional auto insurance providers can save an average of $741 annually. These savings can be put towards covering costs such as car key replacement or other related fees like labor and towing charges.

The cost of a car key replacement varies based on several factors, including the type of vehicle and where you purchase them. Some keys contain high-tech transponder chips that must be paired with your vehicle by either an authorized dealership or auto locksmith.

A transponder chip key can range in cost from $75 on the low end up to $200 if you require its cutting and programming. You’ll also have to pay for having your car towed to the dealership.