Download Indian Dreaming Pokies and Play Online Aristrocrat Pokies for Free Including Pokies 4 u, 365 pokies & 50 lions

Did I tell you that last month I played amazing online casino slot machine called Free spirit. It seems like a common slot but believe it isn’t. The same happened with me when I first heard the name and had a look on it, it seemed like a general sot but this classic standard single payline has much potential to spark you up and took you in to some deep shocks.

This online casino slot machine is a 3 reel, single pay line pretty popular slot with a wild horses theme that is crafted by Micro gaming, where Players can play up to two coins on each spin, with each coin costing dollar one to play. And when it comes to the special features, it won’t disappoint you in this way as well as I got the two special features worth mentioning first is the Free Spirit logo and a wild symbol.

I saw many traditional pokies including aristrocrat and microgaming that these service providers are focusing on symbols and graphics of a game. Let me explain you some of the all time best game and no one would escaped from them. Pokies 4 u, 365 pokies and 50 lions are the best pokies I have ever bet on. And here is also many chances to win free bonuses including free spins and some other exotic prizes.

The best thing I liked about this particular slot that if you hit any of the logos mentioned above of a winning pay line, then you will be receiving a quadrupled instead of normal win.  And this was the feature that made me try this classic pokie and I really had a great time playing it.

As it was coming with this great feature, so I didn’t opt for the free play option but instead I directly went for the real money version, so that I could start making from the very beginning itself. And I believe it was a pretty decent move as I win the jackpots within the first couple of spins.  And that is the real trick like if you bet big from the very beginning, which is called the beginner’s luck. I really loved the format of this game and certainly like to play it again.