Double Wammy

It was last month when I was on a business trip to Australia, and the trip was all successful and I was returning back to United States. But due to inclement weather my flight had been delayed and in was stuck at the airport waiting for my flight to depart. Although I have managed some option in case I got bored during the flight for instance I have taken my favorite records, some video games in my phone, audiobooks and others, but nothing was really working.

Then suddenly a college student sitting right next to me grabbed my attention and he was doing something in his mobile phone with so much concentration. I looked him for about half an hour and even then he was busy with the same. So finally I asked him that what he has been doing in his phone with so much attention.

There he replied that he has been these pretty famous online casino slots of Australia and since I have nothing productive to do there so I insisted him to tell me more about them. So he started defining me the details.

He said that he have been playing this slot called the double wammy, which is a 3 reel, single pay line slot machine that can be enjoyed at most of the top online casinos. And the players also get the option to choose the coin with which they wish to play at, with denominations ranging from dollar 0.25 to dollar 5 available at the online casino platform. After hearing all this I felt that maybe I should install it in my phone as well, as who know I could, hit some jackpots as well. So I played this amazing pokie during the whole flight and made some bucks out of it as well.