Dolphin Coast

I still remember the time, when I was a kid and was going through middle school, and my school teacher has taught me that there are two other creatures that are closest to human when it comes to mind. And they are the dolphins and the chimpanzee. And since then I had this wish of keeping one as a pet in future.  And I was more inclined towards the dolphins as they are more peaceful than the monkeys and can be relied upon.

Being born in Australia was also such a boon that I get to see both of the animals pretty easy otherwise I had to go to Africa or somewhere to experience the thrill of seeing them. The love of mine toward this super intelligent animal made me try this casino slot as well, although I am not a regular player. It started when some my colleague was talking about this particular and I heard them.

So the very day, when I came back home I started looking online for the same pokie machine and luckily I found it pretty easily as its pretty famous also. So I thought of playing it with the free spins which can be earned during the registration process pretty easily. And luckily I managed to win some continuous jackpot and this made me think that maybe I should go for real money too.

But first, I decided to read about the game thoroughly and to understand every single pay table rule and conditions. And in order to do so I went on some forums and there I read the reviews of the slot and they all were pretty good. And I also watch the tutorial videos to get savvy with the interface and I finally put my money on it and doubled it as well.