Dolphin Coast

I still remember the time, when I was a kid and was going through middle school, and my school teacher has taught me that there are two other creatures that are closest to human when it comes to mind. And they are

Dolphin Tale

It was last week, when my 10 years old son came running to me and asked for the movie Dolphin Tale. Obviously I hadn’t heard about it before. So I said no to him, but he is also kind of an obnoxious

Double Wammy

It was last month when I was on a business trip to Australia, and the trip was all successful and I was returning back to United States. But due to inclement weather my flight had been delayed and in was stuck at

Dragon Lady

My recent visit China really made a fan of this country; I mean there isn’t a thing about this country that could offend you I any way.  When it comes to culture and heritage, they have been preserving it so beautifully that