Download Indian Dreaming Pokies and Play Online Aristrocrat Pokies for Free Including Pokies 4 u, 365 pokies & 50 lions

Did I tell you that last month I played amazing online casino slot machine called Free spirit. It seems like a common slot but believe it isn’t. The same happened with me when I first heard the name and had a look on it, it seemed like a general sot but this classic standard single payline has much potential to spark you up and took you in to some deep shocks.

This online casino slot machine is a 3 reel, single pay line pretty popular slot with a wild horses theme that is crafted by Micro gaming, where Players can play up to two coins on each spin, with each coin costing dollar one to play. And when it comes to the special features, it won’t disappoint you in this way as well as I got the two special features worth mentioning first is the Free Spirit logo and a wild symbol.

I saw many traditional pokies including aristrocrat and microgaming that these service providers are focusing on symbols and graphics of a game. Let me explain you some of the all time best game and no one would escaped from them. Pokies 4 u, 365 pokies and 50 lions are the best pokies I have ever bet on. And here is also many chances to win free bonuses including free spins and some other exotic prizes.

The best thing I liked about this particular slot that if you hit any of the logos mentioned above of a winning pay line, then you will be receiving a quadrupled instead of normal win.  And this was the feature that made me try this classic pokie and I really had a great time playing it.

As it was coming with this great feature, so I didn’t opt for the free play option but instead I directly went for the real money version, so that I could start making from the very beginning itself. And I believe it was a pretty decent move as I win the jackpots within the first couple of spins.  And that is the real trick like if you bet big from the very beginning, which is called the beginner’s luck. I really loved the format of this game and certainly like to play it again.


Dragon Lady


My recent visit China really made a fan of this country; I mean there isn’t a thing about this country that could offend you I any way.  When it comes to culture and heritage, they have been preserving it so beautifully that hardly anyone could be doing, I really liked the ethics and the values of the people of this country.

And the best thing that I liked about this country was its mythological stories of dragons, world famous samurai warrior and the great kings. I really adored them all. So the result of this trip ended with the slot that I have been playing for over a month now and certainly the theme of the slot is based on the Chinese mythology.

The name of the pokie that I played during my whole return flight to Australia is the Dragon lady. It is a 5 reel, forty pay line poker slot machine that is crafted by Micro gaming. And the gamblers have the full freedom to bet between 0 .1 dollar and half dollar per coin, and up to ten coins per line, or up to 400 coins in total on each spin. The slot comes along with so many exciting features including free spins bonus with multipliers along with a second screen bonus and a wild symbol to make the best out of winning combinations.

This was the amazing gift from china that I brought with myself, certainly it is one of the best slot machines that I have been playing for so long and has made me earn some big jackpots as well.  And I am definitely going to put some bigger bets in future with this slot.


Double Wammy

It was last month when I was on a business trip to Australia, and the trip was all successful and I was returning back to United States. But due to inclement weather my flight had been delayed and in was stuck at the airport waiting for my flight to depart. Although I have managed some option in case I got bored during the flight for instance I have taken my favorite records, some video games in my phone, audiobooks and others, but nothing was really working.

Then suddenly a college student sitting right next to me grabbed my attention and he was doing something in his mobile phone with so much concentration. I looked him for about half an hour and even then he was busy with the same. So finally I asked him that what he has been doing in his phone with so much attention.

There he replied that he has been these pretty famous online casino slots of Australia and since I have nothing productive to do there so I insisted him to tell me more about them. So he started defining me the details.

He said that he have been playing this slot called the double wammy, which is a 3 reel, single pay line slot machine that can be enjoyed at most of the top online casinos. And the players also get the option to choose the coin with which they wish to play at, with denominations ranging from dollar 0.25 to dollar 5 available at the online casino platform. After hearing all this I felt that maybe I should install it in my phone as well, as who know I could, hit some jackpots as well. So I played this amazing pokie during the whole flight and made some bucks out of it as well.


Double Your Money With Double Magic

Today I will be talking about this classic slot machine called the double magic, as last night I tried it myself and had a real great time. Actuality I am a beginner myself and played the online last night for the first time. It all started when I was talking to my cousin living Australia and he told me about this slot machine.

He said that it is one of the finest and easiest slot that one can play and understand easily, in other words he was saying that it’s certainly one of the best slot to start with. As it’s Just a single pay line and have just few ways to win so you won’t be confused with the chaos that most of the online casino slots have.

The moment he told me about this machine I made the instant download of this pokie app in my android phone and start playing with the free play option and it turned out that I won some consecutive bonus rounds, of which I had never thought! As I was doing pretty well I thought that maybe I should opt for the real money version too.

So I did the same and brought some credits to play with the real money as my cousin has told me that if you want to win some big money then you need to bet big as well.  And despite of some bumps in between I managed to increase the amount I put on it. Was such a wonderful experience and I am certain that I will bounce back to win more money next time.


Dolphin Tale

It was last week, when my 10 years old son came running to me and asked for the movie Dolphin tale. Obviously I hadn’t heard about it before. So I said no to him, but he is also kind of an obnoxious child, who made me open my laptop and look for it on the web online. And when I did it came out that that there is a pretty famous movie with the same name, but the thing diverted my attention was that its main cast included Morgan freeman! I mean how I could spare this, so I simply ordered it on Netflix.

And the other that kind of shocked me was that it also had an online slot machine that was based on the same theme as the movie. And since I a gambler too, I thought of trying it as well.  I bookmarked the page for the night as I have this habit of playing online casino slots after the dinner.

So, later that night, when I was thinking about this pokie, I preferred that I should read about it first. And on looking on internet i find out that it’s a 5 reel, forty pay line slots that are crafted by Micro gaming.  And Players can be up to a maximum of 5 coins per line, or a total of 200 coins per spin if they are going for the maximum no. of lines.

After reading the basic about it, I finally downloaded the app and started playing it with the free play option as I was not willing to pay for the credits before getting savvy with the pay table of the slot and few hours later I went for the real money as well. And all thanks to my son that I made some big money out of this amazing slot.


Dolphin Coast

I still remember the time, when I was a kid and was going through middle school, and my school teacher has taught me that there are two other creatures that are closest to human when it comes to mind. And they are the dolphins and the chimpanzee. And since then I had this wish of keeping one as a pet in future.  And I was more inclined towards the dolphins as they are more peaceful than the monkeys and can be relied upon.

Being born in Australia was also such a boon that I get to see both of the animals pretty easy otherwise I had to go to Africa or somewhere to experience the thrill of seeing them. The love of mine toward this super intelligent animal made me try this casino slot as well, although I am not a regular player. It started when some my colleague was talking about this particular and I heard them.

So the very day, when I came back home I started looking online for the same pokie machine and luckily I found it pretty easily as its pretty famous also. So I thought of playing it with the free spins which can be earned during the registration process pretty easily. And luckily I managed to win some continuous jackpot and this made me think that maybe I should go for real money too.

But first, I decided to read about the game thoroughly and to understand every single pay table rule and conditions. And in order to do so I went on some forums and there I read the reviews of the slot and they all were pretty good. And I also watch the tutorial videos to get savvy with the interface and I finally put my money on it and doubled it as well.